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Hello There! Welcome to WoolStitch…

We believe in creating with Love and serving with Passion. Our goal is to bring God’s purpose, plans, His commission to us to spread His Word, and our desire to fashionably look good together – Stitching It All Together!

As a Christian Clothing Company, we want to fuse beautifully together stewardship, partnership, and service to inspire all to fulfill God’s will and purpose in our lives. Be Christ Inspired.

We use motivational, inspirational content and scriptures on Christian clothing and shirts to uplift individuals to live out their potential. We encourage you to share your faith with others in an unprovoked wayintentionally being unintentional.

Girl and man wearing Christian Tees

"By Stitching It All Together, we seek to inspire people to live a transformed life in Jesus Christ."

Our role in this World.

We exist to simply be good stewards, partners and to serve others just like Christ.



As stewards, we want to manage our resources well to meet the needs of others while leaving enough behind for future generations.


As partners, we use our talents and God-given gifts as well as profits to help those less fortunate. We strongly believe that profits should go back to the people and to R&D where more ideas would be developed in partnership to fulfill our third philosophy – SERVICE.



Jesus calls us to SERVE one another. Therefore, we will not only provide honest wages to our employees. We will use some of our profits to feed the hungry and clothe the poor.


Create with Love, Serve with Passion.


Fuse beautifully together stewardship, partnership, and service to inspire all to fulfill God’s will and purpose for our lives – intentionally being unintentional.

Core Value

Though our mission directs us, our core value – TRUST – defines us.
T – Treat People with Respect & Love
R – Reach Out always
U – Understand first
S – Serve with a grateful heart
T – Transform by making a difference

guy and girl wearing t-shirts with mission

Why Shop From Us.


A portion of our sales goes to various Charity organizations around the world to provide for the less fortunate. We are a SOCIAL BUSINESS company.


We've all been called to share our faith with with others. Now, our shirts give you the opportunity to WEAR and Share your faith unintentionally.


We strive to source and use quality products and affordable prices to help you look great while sharing your faith. with others. We CREATE with love.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...


Evergreen Råymônd O.

"Trendy and quality product. Keep it up."


Theresa C.

I recently ordered a tee-shirt from Woolstitch! I just love it! It’s my favorite verse Hebrews 6:19... Hope Anchors the Soul. Great quality, very soft. I will definitely order again soon! Thank you Woolstitch! 💕


Kaydence W.

Love the shirt, high quality and I loved the color of the shirt