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2 ladies rocking WoolStitch hoodie and tee

As followers of Christ, we are to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth by making disciples through sharing the Good News, baptizing, and serving others as commissioned by Christ. This makes us His ambassadors

This is why WoolStitch is looking for Kingdom Ambassadors to help us share The good news with others, especially the lost, and to help influence our world for the Kingdom.

So, who’s a Kingdom ambassador? A Christ-follower sent by Christ to represent the Kingdom, be committed to the Kingdom’s interest, embodies the Kingdom, not of this world, and influences his or her friends, family, and community for God’s purpose.

As a Kingdom ambassador, you’re God’s mouthpiece. We will fashionably equip you to wear and share your faith with OTHERS in style by intentionally being unintentional with your clothing. You will be living the purpose-driven life that you were created for.

With that said, you will also have the opportunity to receive FREE products, be a part of our exclusive Kingdom Ambassador FB group, earn some rewards, as well as, get exclusive discounts.


Become a Kingdom Ambassador - Rock our Brand

here’s what to expect


Exclusive Product Discounts

Receive a personalized link that is unique to you as well as a discount code for your family, friends, and followers.

Earn commission for Charity

Use your unique link and code to earn up to 5% commission on orders from your friends and family. Your earnings can be donated to a Charity of your choosing or be returned to you.

Be a part of Kingdom Ambassador FB Community

Once you’re accepted as a kingdom ambassador, you will be invited to join our exclusive FB group for Kingdom Ambassadors to meet and interact with other Kingdom-minded individuals and to also share and encourage each other on our journey.

Questions About our Kingdom Ambassador Program

Yes, everyone can. However, this is a new program that we are just launching and would love to start small at this time. We still encourage you to apply and we will reach out we are ready to expand it. Remember, it’s about growing God’s kingdom. That’s what’s most important to us.

It’s simple. Be creative, energetic, and willing to share Christ and our brand with others. Be active on Social Media. Be a team player. Above all, model Christ and love others in everything you do.

No, you don’t need a ton of followers. We are looking for individual with passion and the desire to share the gospel with others, and oh, with some engagement on social media. But it’s still cool if you don’t have a ton of engagement, as long as you’re passionate and willing to promote us.

First, we would love for you to share a little bit of your story with us and why you would love to be a Kingdom Ambassador. We want to grow our brand and the kingdom of God. Hoe passionate are you?